Team Assessments are a valuable way of assessing the capability of a management team.

Assessment can be undertaken for a variety of reasons:

  • To carry out due diligence prior to an MBO or business purchase
  • To assess management team capability following the take over of the business
  • It is also used in identifying performance issues that may be constraining the organisation’s growth and profitability.

Comprehensive assessment of the management team includes all of the senior managers and directors, including the Managing Director and is designed to evaluate cognitive reasoning ability and principal personality traits, measured against an international comparison group comprising over 1000 professional and managerial personnel.

The assessment utilises advanced psychometric tools: the Wave Personality Questionnaire and accompanying Aptitude Assessment Tests. These tools are robust and reliable, user-friendly products delivered via the internet, which minimises the amount of management time necessary to complete the exercises. In addition to the questionnaire and tests we also incorporated ‘Boss Ratings’ for each participant, against which to compare the self-report ratings in Wave. This has provided information which can be very useful in one to one appraisals and identifying development needs for both individuals and teams.

The Assessment Process

The process is generally kicked off through a presentation to the senior site management team. The purposes of the Assessment Project are explained and the various steps in the process. In order help explain cognitive reasoning tests (Verbal, Numerical and Diagrammatic), each manager is provided with a set of example questions and answers for each of the tests and given time to practice the exercises.

Each participant is subsequently e-mailed and invited to complete the Wave Questionnaire and then Aptitude Assessment Exercises via the internet. All reports are then sent to Scott Jardine as managers of the assessment project. Each participating Director/Manager is sent a Personal Report of their Wave profile and receives detailed feedback from a senior member of the Scott Jardine team who have wide experience in the use of psychometric instruments. The purpose of the feedback is to gain agreement on the profile and explore strengths and development opportunities.
Feedback is also provided on the Analysis Aptitude Test results, which are included in the individual reports.


The principal outputs are a report on the management team and individual Wave and Analysis Aptitude Reports, each of which are measured against the relevant comparison group, plus an individual report for each manager, identifying strengths and recommendations in respect of development opportunities. Scott Jardine also receive an Expert Systems report for each participating manager which provides detailed information across 36 key dimensions of behaviour, broken down into 108 individually measured Facets, plus a predicted competencies profile. This report is used in feedback to the participants and is passed on to the Managing Director for distribution to the management team.

Potential for business improvement can be identified through addressing the development needs of the management team. This enables the team to work more effectively together and also to enhance their individual personnel strengths and development opportunities for each member of the management team as well as their collective competencies.

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