Through New Dawn Career Transitions, we are able to offer outplacement support for individuals or groups. Every single individual who has been through the New Dawn programme has found work within 6 months of starting.

The New Dawn approach

One to one support programmes are generally more appropriate for middle and senior management, whilst group briefings and workshops provide the basis of support for more junior personnel. However flexibility of service provision is vital and a combination of group and individual support packages can be tailored to a company’s specific needs. This may also result in some cost savings.  Group briefings and workshops can be located at the Company’s premises, or alternatively at another agreed location.  One to one programmes for executives are more appropriately delivered, in terms of privacy and confidentiality at one of our consulting centres or via a conferencing link, subject to the preferences of the Client.   Our holistic approach includes some unique components, including Lifestyle Management™ which can add significant value for Clients in their career support programmes.

The current economic climate has seen a huge increase in the demand for Career Transition services.  Our objective is to ensure that our programmes deliver a stimulating, challenging and ultimately rewarding and enriching experience, at what is generally considered to be an extremely difficult time.   We use the most advanced career and personal profiling tools to identify Clients’ key strengths, as well as addressing development opportunities to reinforce individual competency profiles.  We also provide interactive learning opportunities.

Career support programmes can vary enormously and while the emphasis is quite rightly on self-sufficiency and self-help, it’s important to ensure that Clients do not feel cut adrift and on their own.   Our market research indicates that many individuals, who have been through re-structuring programmes, feel quite isolated in that the support they have received has been very impersonal. Our unique Lifestyle Management ™ module directly addresses some of the more difficult emotions associated with redundancy and aims to reinforce a more positive and optimistic approach to the Career Transition experience.  We want individuals to feel valued and supported for as long as necessary during a difficult period in their career.

Quality in career support programmes is a vital ingredient in maintaining good employee relations with remaining employees.   If they are aware that colleagues are participating in an enriching, rewarding and strongly supportive career transition programme, then this can be a great morale booster.   Regular communications with companies in terms of Clients who have been successful in achieving their particular objectives, whether regular employment, setting up their own business or entering the voluntary sector, can strongly reinforce the company’s image.

Support options include any or all of the following modular components:

  • Organisational Planning
  • Preparing for re-structuring programmes
  • Advice and consultation on employment law and anti-discrimination legislation
  • Consultation and communication – individual, group and external
  • Career Transition support
  • Support for remaining employees
  • Lifestyle Management ™
  • Career guidance and development
  • Motivational and personality profiling for career guidance
  • Creative retirement
  • Self-employment and other business alternatives
  • Learning opportunities and key competency development
  • Talent Management

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