Here’s what some of our clients have to say about New Dawn Career Transitions:

The use of Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques within the Outplacement sector, as far as I am aware is unique. Combined with the excellent business experience of the Directors of New Dawn, the programme provides an outstanding Outplacement offering I am happy to recommend.

Group HR Director

I found NLP amazingly effective in supporting my personal development through the New Dawn programme and my confidence, capability and competency portfolio improved significantly as a direct result. These were key factors in my being considered for opportunities beyond my original expectations – I would urge any company offering Outplacement to consider the outstanding added value that New Dawn brings through their use of NLP tools, to employees facing a challenging time in their careers.

Operations Director (Manufacturing)

It was very important to me in choosing my Outplacement partner, that the individuals supporting me in the programme had proven business experience at a senior level. The New Dawn Advisers met these criteria admirably and with NLP integrated within the programme, I have effectively re-structured my professional and personal goals as a result. New Dawn knocks spots off the other Outplacement companies I considered. There is no questions that New Dawn delivers much more than just an Outplacement programme.

Finance Director

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