Scott Jardine has led the way in the use of advanced psychometric assessment as part of the selection process for cost-effective recruitment assignments from graduate to board level.

Once we have identified potentially suitable candidates (through advertising, database search, referrals, and head-hunting) we will begin to critically assess each candidate’s suitability for the role. At the assessment / interview stage we use a range of proven and robust psychometric tools at no extra cost to our Client for retained assignments.

These include leading-edge aptitude and ability tests, work simulations, group exercises and hugely insightful personality profiles. Used in conjunction with the interview, these tools provide a rich source of information to support the face-to-face interview. To ensure that this information is used appropriately and the most pertinent outcomes are identified, we provide analysis and support throughout the recruitment process.

By assessing not only technical competence and skills but also core aptitudes, attitudes and behavioural style in line with the clients’ critical success factors, we are able to put forward those individuals who will best suit our clients’ culture and environment in the form of a guaranteed quality short-list of able, capable, and qualified candidates.

Our Multi-Methodology Approach

Selection decisions based solely upon the interview are fraught with danger for the recruiting organisation as inherent subjectivity makes the interview notoriously unreliable.

Research has shown that a multi-method approach greatly increases the chances of selecting a suitable candidate who will perform well in their new role, adding value to the business. This is illustrated in the graph above.

At Scott Jardine, we believe that a robust selection process must incorporate specific, objective instruments that are proven to be effective in measuring each candidate against the key competencies or skills required.

Our selection process assimilates a number of key processes which are proven predictors of job performance. This multi-method approach ensures the most suitable candidate is appointed and minimises the risk of of an unsuccessful hire.

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